Inmode Triton Laser Hair Removal Treatment


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Inmode Triton Laser Inmode Included :
Brand New Duo Light (Diode 810nm/755nm) Handpiece
Brand New Duo Dark (1064nm/810nm) Handpiece
Power Cord
Foot Pedal

Inmode Triton Laser Hair Removal Treatment is a multi-wavelength workstation and the only hair removal option with three of the most popular wavelengths in one platform. Triton uses Fusion Technology to address hair removal for all skin types.The medley combination of wavelengths in the device provides for hair removal at different stages of the hair growth cycle. Hairs deep in the scalp and skin can be treated at the same time as newly developing follicles. Patients can see greater results in fewer sessions.

Laser hair removal devices in the past were required to lower peak power or increase pulse width to reduce the possibility of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or PIH in darker skin. With the Triton and its ability to use a combination of wavelengths, hair removal can be done without giving up the treatment parameters.

With the InMode Triton, more patient concerns can be taken care of with this safe, innovative, and unique platform.

Using Triton Duo Light, a broad range of hairs for light-skin patients can be treated and removed.

Triton Duo Dark maximizes safety on darker skin tones, including skin type VI. Duo Dark does not lose efficacy even when used on dark skin.

Inmode Triton Laser Hair Removal Treatment
Triton’s Two Hand Pieces

Triton Duo Light is more effective for light and fine hair, but can be optimized for all skin types, all hair colors and hair thicknesses. It uses the 755 nm Alexandrite and 810 nm Diode laser wavelengths.
Triton Duo Dark is highly effective and safe for dark skin. It uses the 810 nm Diode and 1064 nm Nd:YAG wavelengths.
Triton is so popular because a very high percentage of hair can be permanently removed with the three major laser wavelengths present on one device. This device has a very large spot size and moves quickly along the skin, allowing quick treatment.

Inmode Triton How It Works

In the past, lasers had to reduce peak power or increase pulse width to reduce the risk for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) in darker skin types. Now with Triton, high power and a blend of wavelengths are optimized to make this the ultimate system for hair removal.

Triton’s multi-wavelength functionality allows simultaneous emission of three powerful lasers in a single pulse. Hair removal can be addressed at different stages of the hair growth cycle, without increasing the pulse duration or reducing the peak power. Hair at deeper depths as well as newly emerging hair can be simultaneously treated. This innovative feature makes Triton the best hair removal option for any clinic, enabling the treatment of all hair and skin types without compromising safety or effectiveness.

Inmode Triton Patient Benefits

Fast and permanent hair removal
Suitable for light hair or skin, dark hair or skin, fine or coarse hair, medium complexion and thickness, stubborn hair, and large body areas that require quick treatment times
Increased safety and efficacy
Comfortable treatment with pre-, parallel, and post cooling
No pain
Customized treatment
Patients can see greater results in fewer sessions

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