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3SHAPE D900 DENTAL SCANNER four high-res 5MP cameras and new blue LED technology provide extraordinary speed and highly accurate color scanning. Perfect for large high volume, productive-oriented labs.

3Shape D900 dental scanner

RealColorTM Technology captures all textures and colors:
Texture scanning captures 2D images of the model surface and precisely overlays these on the 3D model, enhancing visualization of surface details and allowing technicians to include had drawn design guidance markings in the digital design. RealColorTM Technology on the D900 allows technicians to capture colored markings, indicating different design details.

3SHAPE D900 DENTAL SCANNER Implant bridge and bar accuracy:
high-end scanners to produce implant bars and bridges of an exceptional quality that few other can deliver. 5.0 Mega-pixel cameras, in combination with high quality scan abutments, enable accurate 3D capture of both implant positions and orientations ensuring excellent passive fit.

3SHAPE D900 DENTAL SCANNER High productivity with Multi-Die scanning:
Multi-Die scanning provides labs with efficient batch and multi-case processing. Dies for one or more cases are fixed to the Multi-Die plate, and scanning is automatic, freeing the technician to work with other tasks. Next generation multi-die technology on the D900 optimizes speed and performance without compromising accuracy

3Shape D900 Dental Scanner series scanner features 5MP cameras and new blue LED technology providing extraordinary speed and highly accurate color scanning. Perfect for high volume, productive-oriented labs.

– Dental System Premium – Covers the full range of dental indications
– Fast scan time: Die: 15 sec (19 sec), 3 unit bridge: 65 sec (85 sec)
– 4 cameras, 5.0 Mega Pixel
– Blue LED light technology
– Ultra High Accuracy: 15 microns
– Multi-Die Scanning (new technology)
– Colour Texture Scanning technology for high detail detection and capture of hand drawn design markings on the model

Specification :
– Cameras : 4 cameras
– Light technology : Blue LED
– Accuracy : 15 microns
– Gypsum model scanning : Yes
– Impression scanning : Yes (add on)
– Multi-die scanning : Yes (new technology)
– Texture scanning : Color Texture
– Scan time – single die 15 Sec (19 sec)
– Scan time – 3 unit bridge 65 Sec (85 sec)
– CAD Software package : Included

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