2015 Eclipse Aesthetics Skinfinity RF System


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2015 Eclipse Aesthetics Skinfinity RF System Includes: (1) RF Handpiece, (8) Everpulse Roller Tips, System Key, Trolley, and 180 Day Warranty.

2015 Eclipse Aesthetics Skinfinity RF System

Eclipse Aesthetics Skinfinity RF System Technology
The Eclipse Skinfinity RF™ is innovation at its best. It is a fractional ablative radiofrequency technology designed for the improved appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, skin revitalization and stretch marks. With the Skinfinity RF™, treatments can be customized for the each patient’s specific needs due to the ability to control the ablative and thermal effect on the skin.


Skinfinity RF™ uses patented In-Motion technology for fast treatments of the face and body. The state-of-the-art design of the roller tip enables delivery of focused RF through pyramid shaped electrodes arranged in rows of six. As Skinfinity RF™ effortlessly glides across the skin each electrode delivers precise energy creating controlled injuries to the tissue called Micro-ablative Treatment Zones (MTZs). This approach is significantly faster and much more predictable than stamping bi-polar RF ablative technologies.

Power with Safety

The Skinfinity RF™ treatments are similar to that of a Fractional CO2, however, unlike lasers, there is no target chromophore with Skinfinity RF™. The utilization of fractional Unipolar RF makes the treatment applicable for most skin types. This allows the Skinfinity RF™ to be able to achieve gold-standard results with a much lower risk of complications compared to light-based ablative treatments.


As compared to fractional ablative bi-polar RF devices which create hot spots on the outer electrodes, Skinfinity RF™’s patented unipolar RF In-Motion treatment tip delivers consistent energy across the entire treatment area. The Skinifinity RF™ has adjustable energy output (up to 100W) and variable phase filter that allows the user to customize treatments for each patient’s individual skincare needs.

Combination Therapy

The benefits of the pyramid-shaped electrodes and In-Motion roller tip are two-fold. First, the electrodes deliver precise energy to tissue so as to achieve the ideal Thermal Effect. Additionally, a secondary Mechanical Injury created by the In-Motion tip stimulates an enhanced healing response, thereby improving the results.

Indications For Most Skin Types
– •Fine Lines
– •Skin Revitalization
•- Rhytids
– •Appearance of Stretch Marks (Striae)
– •Appearance of Acne Scars
– •Non-Keloidal Hypertrophic Scars
•- Appearance of Skin Laxity

Clinical Benefits
•- Applicable For Most Skin Types
•- Short Downtime
•- Minimally Ablative
– Fast Treatment Times

2015 Eclipse Aesthetics Skinfinity RF System Includes: (1) RF Handpiece, (8) Everpulse Roller Tips, System Key, Trolley, and 180 Day Warranty.

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